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Call 1-855-201-2121


Calls are 100% Free! The phone call will not show up on your phone bill.


When you phone, your call will be answered by a counselor who works for a hotline that is a member of the North American Alliance of Child Helplines. When you call, the counselor might answer the phone with the name of their agency.


When you get through to a counselor, you'll be speaking to someone who cares. The counselors are all trained - they'll listen and try to help you work things out. If you're scared or feel out of control, that's OK. The counselors have heard it all! They are there to listen and sometimes to put you in touch with someone who can help you if that's what you want.


What if I'm finding it hard to talk about what's happening?

Speaking out about problems or talking about your feelings can be really difficult, but it's the right thing to do. Lots of young people tell us that talking about their worries or problems has really helped them. We can suggest other people who could help and will tell you what may happen if you decide to involve them. If you feel too scared or shy to talk to someone else, if you want us to, we can talk to other people with you.


It can be hard to talk if you are upset or feeling hurt and you might not know what to say. Your counselor will give you plenty of time to talk about what's wrong so that we can help you.


There are a few things that you can do before you call, which might make talking easier:

- If possible make the call from somewhere you are safe and where you won't be interrupted.

- If you do have to use a public phone or make the call outside, try and stay somewhere quiet without too much noise. This will help your counselor hear you properly.

- You can call at any time, but it might help if you think a bit about what you want to say before you call.